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  • Pastor Dave Reichelderfer

The Crossroads of Two Seasons

Here we are! The days of summer are on the wane, and it will not be long before fall is in the air! I must admit, this time of the year brings back some bittersweet memories—first as a child, then as an adult.

Until five years ago, much of my life was centered around the annual school calendar. For fifty years to be exact, this time of the year was marked by feelings of anticipation and challenge, as a student, then teacher and finally a school principal. The anticipation of starting something new, to be followed by the challenge of transitioning into that new year.

The changing of seasons is marked by visible signs—nothing marks the coming fall more clearly than the signs that mark “Back to School” sales. At the start of my fifty-year educational trek, those signs brought the excitement of newness—new routines, new school clothes, and new school friends—but by the time I had reached the mid-point of my trek the excitement began to wane. As I approached the end of my journey, those “sale” signs were met with much less enthusiasm! And, I see the same diminishing excitement in Ann, as she approaches her final year as a nursing instructor—retirement awaits next May! Maybe this summer to fall transition isn’t so bad after all.

As a journey begins, there is most often excitement as one enters its newness. But as the journey progresses, the grind of living with daily challenges may rob the anticipation of what is new and replace it with frustration with the present. If not careful, it is possible to lose sight of the blessing which is promised at its completion.

Certainly, the people of Israel spoken of in the Old Testament experienced all of this as they transitioned from slaves in Egypt to free people in the Promised Land. Their story was of a 40-year journey beginning with anticipation, followed by frustration, and ultimately exultation as they entered into God’s promise.

We at New Hope Presbyterian Church can expect no less of an experience as we continue to transition into the future that God has for us. In the new ministry year, “Seasons of Change,” will be our theme of life together.

For now, enjoy the waning days of summer—and rest up for the year that is ahead!


Pastor Dave

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